Business and personal relationships can encounter issues that cannot be resolved by a simple conversation. Often these unresolved matters can build up into an adversarial dispute that seems impossible to solve outside of the legal system. Before filing a lawsuit or taking the matter to a judge, a mediator can help find a resolution that satisfies both parties. Here are 9 reasons why mediation law is an advantageous way to solve a problem.


Unlike a courtroom setting, the mediation process is kept completely confidential, allowing both sides to voice their opinions and concerns in a safe environment. Utilizing a mediator allows both sides to maintain privacy and keep business and personal matters out of the public.


Don’t worry about being forced to show up to court at 10:00 a.m. on a work day. Mediation occurs at a neutral location (usually at the mediator’s office) and at a time that is convenient for both parties. The mediator will work with your schedules to ensure that both sides have equal say in when and where the mediation services take place.

Reduced costs

Avoid watching attorney fees pile up and encountering unexpected charges. Traditional litigation can be extremely expensive and the cost can be unpredictable as your case moves through the system over months or even years. Mediation is considerably lower in cost compared to pursuing the matter in court.

Quicker outcome

Mediation can be started right away, on your schedule. Don’t wait on lengthy court proceedings and decisions to be made for you. When both sides are ready to come to an agreement, the case can be closed, and you can move on with your life. Mediation provides a more timely way of resolving disputes than a courtroom setting.


Parties are generally more satisfied when coming to an agreement between themselves rather than a decision that’s imposed on them by a third party decision-maker, like a judge. Maintain a sense of control with mediation and know that your voice is heard and valued.


Mediation can cover a variety of topics and can be tailored to fit unique situations. Business disputes and personal disagreements don’t often fit well into a pre-designed mold. A mediator will take an individualized approach to your case, ensuring that the process is optimal for your circumstance.


Rather than the opinion of a sister-in-law or advice from a work colleague, you’ve got an expert on your side that is not biased, and is there to equally support both parties. That’s what a mediator is there for- to offer support and guidance through the process in a neutral manner.

Preserved relationships

Whether it’s a business-related issue or divorce mediation, the goal is to come to an agreement without further damaging the relationship. Mediation law is designed to find solutions while maintaining relationships. The focus is collaborative and communicative rather than adversarial.


A lot can be gained from successful mediation besides an agreement or compromise. A mediator can help you learn how to resolve future disputes and can reveal unspoken feelings that haven’t been shared before. You will not only walk away with a solution, but you will leave with a fresh perspective on the situation.

Whether you and your business partner are in dispute or there are unsettled issues regarding your divorce, a trained mediator can support both sides through mediation. Mediation is not about attacking the other side and there isn’t a winner or loser. Let a certified mediator guide you through the process to find solutions and resolve differences, no matter the severity of the situation or the history behind the problem.