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Welcome to Hartmann Law Office, LLC

Hartmann Law is eager to put your mind, your heart and your case to rest. I offer business, real estate and estate planning legal services with the intention of inspiring confidence in all clients and in their futures. I understand that not everyone is familiar with the law, and may even be unaware that they need a lawyer for certain services. That is why I focus on being approachable and compassionate, while maintaining the utmost professionalism.

When it comes to your aging parents, your stepchildren, business planning, your property and more, trust the legal team at Hartmann Law.

Why Choose Us?

  • Business Law

    I offer a variety of business law services, helping you with entity formation, buy/sell agreements, business succession and more.
  • Real Estate Law

    As your real estate attorney, I am committed to assisting with buyer/seller litigation, landlord/tenant issues and other cases that may arise.
  • Estate Planning & Probate

    Because estate planning and probate are so important, I help you set up advanced directives, wills, trusts and beyond.

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