You see legal cases play out on the news and you hear about other legal troubles that your friends or colleagues are going through and sometimes you might wonder if they really needed to hire an attorney. Although there are many estate planning, business, and real estate decisions that don’t require a legal team, there are disputes that will be better solved with a lawyer by your side. If you’re asking yourself if you need a lawyer, consider the 7 reasons below.

Important things are at stake

No matter how optimistic you are about your current situation, if you have important things at stake, it’s best not to take a chance. Whether it’s your money, property, reputation, or future, there are some things that you just don’t gamble with and “hope for the best.”

It’s getting really complex

The most brilliant people still need lawyers. Even if you consider yourself well-versed in the law, matters can still get complicated over time and grow into a complex matter that you are not capable of handling.

You feel uneasy and anxious

If you feel like things aren’t right for any reason, getting a lawyer’s opinion is your best bet. No matter what’s going on with your dispute, an attorney can help you put your nerves and anxiety to rest, knowing that you’re in capable hands.

The other side has a bad reputation

While we would like every interaction to be based in honesty and fairness, that’s not reality. If you know that the team on the other side of the table is known for bad dealings or unfair treatment, you need a lawyer in your corner to defend your rights.

You don’t want to go to court

While a lawyer is good for battling in court, a legal team is just as useful for keeping your case out of the courtroom. Whether you are interested in legal mediation services or just want to handle it as quickly as possible, you might decide to get an attorney.

There is a lot of signatures involved

Nothing brings more anxiety than signing a lot of documents, right? Contracts can be full of loopholes and fine print that can harm you in the end. If you are making a decision that involves a lot of paperwork, let an experienced lawyer read over the documents before you sign.

You want an equal playing field

If the opposing side has a legal team in place to defend their rights and fight for them when necessary, you should consider having a system of defense in place for yourself. When you can equally match what they’re presenting (or do even better), you’ll have a better chance at the result that you want.

No matter how you frame it, some cases just need the help of a lawyer to ensure that your rights, future, and freedoms are protected. Don’t risk the things that matter to avoid hiring a lawyer. You’ll find that having a quality and experienced legal team by your side through the process makes the experience better and can hopefully help you arrive at your desired outcome.

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