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Hartmann Law & Mediation provides efficient, cost-effective, and customized dispute resolution services in order to overcome barriers and find solutions. Our certified and extensively-trained team guides you through the process, from preparation to negotiation, to ensure that you are informed, comfortable, and in the best position to discover resolutions.

We specialize in resolving business, probate and trust, and real estate disputes, and our approach is pragmatic, unbiased, evaluative, yet personal. Our mediation process is built on a foundation of trust and we work to facilitate a healthy discussion of the matters at hand while encouraging negotiations that will keep all parties out of the courtroom.

Our clients are diverse and come to us with varying circumstances. As our client, you can expect a quality experience, honest advice, and an individualized mediation plan that fits your unique case. No matter what the situation, Hartmann Law will approach your case in a compassionate and professional manner, ensuring that all voices are heard and understood.

Our clients are our top priorities and we are committed to giving your mediation case our full attention, so that it is handled the right way from start to finish, and you can leave with a resolution that satisfies all parties involved.

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