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5 reasons to choose Hartmann Law for your next business dispute

There are many choices of law firms in Kansas and Missouri, and when you need a skilled attorney, it can take a lot of time to find an attorney that you feel good about. When you are looking for a trusted lawyer to handle a business, estate planning, or real estate matter, you can be sure that Kristi Hartmann and her team will step up to the plate and help you with your case in any way they can. While the Kansas City area is filled with lawyers, here are 5 reasons that you should choose the team at Hartmann Law. Small firm feel Hartmann Law is Kansas City’s hometown law firm! The team at Hartmann Law always has time to listen to and assist all of their clients and they’re able to prioritize every client’s needs in a way that larger law firms aren’t always able to do. When it comes to your company’s or family’s well-being, Hartmann Law prioritizes those relationships to ensure that your case gets the attention that it deserves. Relationships are important and it’s essential that you feel connected to who you’re working with. Mediation services Is bringing your case to the courtroom the last thing that you want to do, but daily conversations just aren’t cutting it? Kristi Hartmann is approved by the Kansas Supreme Court as a certified mediator and possesses many trainings that make her and her team skillful at providing customized dispute resolution services. Hartmann Law helps a variety of clients with individual mediation plans that fit their unique cases. Approachable The team at Hartmann Law is approachable, compassionate, and trustworthy. Kristi Hartmann handles every case with the utmost professionalism, while still showing understanding for what you and your family are going through. You won’t be talking to a robot or cold attorney at Hartmann Law. You’ll always be greeted with a warm welcome that makes you feel confident in your future ahead. Kristi Hartmann believes that every voice should be heard and understood. Knowledge and experience  Working with Kristi Hartmann and her team will make you feel at ease with the process of handling your case. She is licensed in Kansas and Missouri, and whether it comes to estate planning, business contracts, or real estate issues, Hartmann Law has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your rights are protected. No, they don’t do everything because they want to make sure that they are top in their specialties. Kristi was voted a top rated Kansas City estate planning & probate lawyer in Super Lawyer’s Super Lawyer list for 2018, and was voted the same in Super Lawyer’s Rising Stars list for 2015-2017. She was also selected as a 2016 “Best of the Bar” honoree by the Kansas City Business Journal. Let’s just say that you’re in good hands with Hartmann Law. Trustworthy The team at Hartmann Law is a trustworthy firm that cares about their clients and always has their best interests at heart. They don’t mind explaining, taking you through the steps, or helping you understand every option that you have available. Kristi Hartmann and her team are transparent so that you can understand how your case is going at any given moment.  Out of all the lawyers in the Kansas City area, Kristi Hartmann and her team provide you with a solid team, no matter what your case involves. Hartmann Law offers estate planning, business, and real estate legal services and also provides top-of-the-line mediation services to fit your unique dispute. Connect with Kristi Hartmann on LinkedIn or visit Hartmann Law’s website to schedule an appointment regarding your case.


9 advantages of mediation law

Business and personal relationships can encounter issues that cannot be resolved by a simple conversation. Often these unresolved matters can build up into an adversarial dispute that seems impossible to solve outside of the legal system. Before filing a lawsuit or taking the matter to a judge, a mediator can help find a resolution that satisfies both parties. Here are 9 reasons why mediation law is an advantageous way to solve a problem.


How to Choose a Trustee

One of the most impactful decisions that you will make during your lifetime will be to choose a trustee to handle your assets after death. The task of protecting the capital that you set aside as a legacy will be put in the hands of your trustee. Although it’s common to choose a spouse, grown child, or close friend to take charge of your assets after death, each individual’s life varies which requires a unique look at your life circumstances. Here are some tips to consider when naming your trustee.